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100% Plant Based

VK platinum is committed to the highest quality natural plant species which regenerate in nature throughout every season as the primary botanical sources which optimize human health long term, there are many plant species of the four plant categories which have been overlooked by humanity in favor of industrial agriculture the impact of which has destroyed many life forms, plant species, and the natural environment. 


Immune booster

VK platinum chooses all-natural plants that grow in its season, such as burdock root and leaf, pine pollen, planting leaf, and hundreds of other plants species which again grow in their natural season which optimizes their nutritional and regenerating properties during their natural growth season.


Over 30 years of nutrition

Providing superior plant DNA nutrition from over 147 plant varieties from all four of the major plant groups found regenerating in nature for optimal health and cellular regeneration. No industrial plants are used whatsoever in the platinum VK or other products. This approach enhances the VK platinum product line to nutritional levels unseen and over 100 years. 

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