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Producer, Editor, Body-Rytmic war Dancer/Encouragement Artist, Electrician by Trade_ Now by Spiritual Divine Connections.🌬️Eye Am Divinely Awakened without indoctrination, of Church, State, or Colonizers Educational Graduation.⚖️ Only by My Ancient of Days Oracle Ancestors_ By The Will of The Cosmic Divine Feminine Trinity Energy, Seen and unseen_directly and indirectly_From Mother Above, Mother Below, Mother Within. Equipped with the Spiritual gifts of "The Prophetic Tongue of The Learned" To Contribute & Utilized for Uprooting, Pull-down, Overthrow, and Cast out Curruption of Money, Religion and Politics that doesn't have a "Let my People Go" divine Significance and Relavence to Re-establish our Throne of Divine Sagacity and Audacity to receive a Mother Nature and Mother Cosmos Reparations, Restoration and Divine Redemption Collectively among those who can hear and inner-stand, see and perceive, with a heartbeat rythm and vibration to receive, apply and Multiply.

Good News for the Oppressed and Bad News for the Oppressors🌬️👁️🗝️📜⚖️🏹🎯💯🌹

Messenger MoShay

Messenger MoShay

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